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"Golden Rabbits"

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


put the rabbit cut into suitable pieces in a pan with olive oil until it gets a little color, stirring constantly. Then add the onion, mix and cover the pan for 10 minutes. after ... add the glass of wine, salt, pepper, pasta tomatoes. mix, put 2.3 glasses of water and a few bay leaves. cover the pan and leave for about 1 hour on low heat. lust !!!

It will be & quotiepuras & quot Playboy again, after 42 years since its first appearance! She's not the oldest woman to do that

Singer, actress and businesswoman, Dolly Parton is currently 74 years old, which does not prevent her from showing off her femininity. What at first seemed like a joke, that is, the possibility of Dolly keeping the cover of Playboy magazine, is confirmed.

According to the press across the ocean, the magazine's leaders decided to pay this honor to the star, 42 years after she posed for the first time in Playboy, in October 1978.

Now, if the rumors are confirmed, Dolly Parton will be able to be admired on the cover of the men's magazine in January 20121, when she will turn 75 years old. "We talked about it, we might do it, if it tastes good and if they want to," Dolly Parton recently admitted.

She will not be the old woman who posed in Playboy, the record belonging to Victoria Valentino, present in the pages of the magazine at 77 years old.

For the tops: whisk the egg whites with the mixer, with a pinch of salt, gradually add the sugar, then the yolks, the oil, the baking powder and the flour. The composition is poured into two smaller round cake shapes (or two pans, mine were 17 cm in diameter) so that they both fit in the oven (or bake one at a time). Place in the preheated oven over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Leave to cool.

For the syrup: it is prepared from water and sugar, it is left to boil for about 5 minutes, it is removed from the heat, the rum essence is added and it is left to cool.

For the cream:
Melt the white chocolate on a steam bath, pour into a bowl. Melt the milk chocolate and pour into the bowl earlier. Leave to cool. Add the mascarpone cream and liquid cream, ness, vanilla sugar and powdered sugar and mix all with the mixer. If you like it sweeter, add more sugar, but it seemed balanced because of the chocolate.

Decoration and assembly: cut each sponge cake into two sheets (they have grown enough to be cut this way). For the bunny shape: one countertop stays round, and the second one cuts off the ears, and what remains will be the bow.
Beat the liquid cream with the mixer until it becomes creamy and thick.
Syrup and fill the cake with cream, setting aside about a quarter for decoration. Garnish the bunny with cream and whipped cream, sprinkle a little pink sugar on the ears. For the bow, decorate with colored candies, rolls with hazelnut cream, and for the brooch on the bow use a little cream, a wafer flower and a sugar popcorn.

Gates: 14
Baking mold diameter: 17cm
Total time: 2h 30min


Welcome to the Town House from PLAYMOBIL, not only extremely comfortable and welcoming but also modern. The kitchen is very spacious and you can find it on the ground floor. It has a large table with chairs that is ideal for family dinners. Dad and son love to spend time together watching TV. The large bedroom is on the first floor, where the bathroom is. Here, too, the mother has her wardrobe where she keeps all her fashionable clothes and accessories. The children's territory is in the attic of the house. They have a crib, a desk and many drawers where they keep their toys. Everything you need you will find in the house in the city. The set includes a house with floor and attic, furniture, 3 figurines, a kitten, stickers and many other accessories. Recommended age 4 years +.

Estimated delivery cost: 14 local and 16 lei nationally

Delivery details 3 working days

Name of the selling company: Hedi Plast Invest

Trade Register: J23 / 3377 / 31.07.2019
CUI: 31059881
Headquarters address: Afumati, Ilfov, Islazului Street, no. 5, room 1, Afumati village, Afumati commune
Company description: Online product store

Serious plan or bunny in a hat? Tram line from Iaşi to Tomeşti-Holboca

Will the people of Iași be able to reach Holboca and Tomeşti by tram in the coming years? "We are already working on these projects," said Mihai Chirica. Practically, if we are to see the reality, the future route of the Tomeşti and Holboca trams largely overlaps with the administrative limit of Iaşi municipality. The new route will thus form a loop that will start from Rond Ţuţora and, through Tomeşti and Holboca, will finally reach Rond Dancu.

A presentation of the alternative transport solutions for Iași residents is to be made these days at the Iaşi City Hall. Mayor Mihai Chirica said in the last press conference that the metropolitan train project can do, but difficult, because things must go in parallel, including the amendment of the legislation in force on the safety of rail transport. Chirica reminded that the financing of this type of transport is a priority for the European Union. & bdquoWe will submit further projects for the extension of the tram lines to Holboca and Tomeşti. We are already working on these projects & rdquo; added the mayor, mentioning the second phase of the project - the union of the two localities in such a way as to close the ring with the city of Iaşi on ecological transport. & bdquoOn rail or trolleybus. We hope for the rail, because it is more viable and easier to exploit in winter, which would create a great advantage for the population there, considering that there are still about four months of snow per year & rdquo, said the mayor of Iasi.

The trolleybus variant, with the crossing of the railway through an overpass, was mentioned for the route to Tomeşti. Trolleybuses could make up for the lack of space along DN 28 for the construction of the tramway.

The future route of the Tomeşti and Holboca trams largely overlaps with the administrative boundary of Iaşi municipality

We remind you that the old project of Section 3 of the South Bypass Belt had an end at the intersection of Trei F & acircnt & acircni Street (& bdquoDrumul Hoţilor & rdquo) with Iaşi-Tomeşti Highway (DN 28). & Icircn this point, just like & icircn the other intersection, bd. Poitiers road. Bucium-str.Trei F & acircnt & acircni, it was planned to build an uneven passage, to streamline traffic. The project to connect Tomeşti with Iaşi by a tram line - or trolleybus, the alternative taken into account by Mihai Chirica - was the idea with which the mayor of Tomeşti seems to have won this autumn's elections. Ştefan Timofte told us at the time that the trams have only 4 km to go from the end of line 5 to the blocks of flats in Tomeşti. He did not advance a cost of building the line, but stressed that funding is based on European funds. Also with the Tomeşti-Holboca connection, the tram line that should be built from Rond Ţuţora, through Tomeşti and Holboca, to Rond Dancu will have a length of 10-12 km, depending on the route established in Tomeşti: on the blocks or at the intersection of DN 28 with DJ 248D (road to Holboca) and DJ 249E (road to Ţuţora), where it is the end of bus line 29.

& Icircnca a r & acircnd of new bus and tram stations

On the other hand, the mayor announced that the CTP stations in the municipality could be replaced again, with others that respect aesthetic and technical criteria. Two conceptual notes were made by professors and students from the Technical and Arts Universities. Without specifying a time horizon, Mihai Chirica said that the people of Iași will be called to choose the type of public transport station. & bdquoOld stations will be changed. We still have a package of about 90 new stations. In total, there are about 360 public transport stations in Iasi. We will cover a significant number of them with European funds & rdquo, explained the mayor of Iasi. At the same time, Chirica said that the regulation for the establishment of the Intercommunity Development Association for Public Transport is being finalized. & bdquoWe will expand to all localities in the Metropolitan Area, which will also need stations. That's why we want to have a concept in time, & icircnc & acirct when & acircnd the financing lines will open to be ready & rdquo, he stated.

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