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Baby Herbs

Baby Herbs

I have always loved herbs and spices. When I was little, I used to climb up the kitchen cabinets so I could open the door to our lazy susan, which held all of my parent’s jars of spices. I stuck my nose in and inhaled, appreciating the combined scent of garlic, oregano, rosemary, and all the other various outdated herbs. Maybe I was just a weird kid, but I feel like developing an interest in cooking and growing my own herbs later in life was inevitable.

Last year, my attempts to grow my own herbs failed miserably. I realized much too late that potted herbs require a very sunny perch and daily waterings. Mine grew gangly and later dried out in during the hot Oklahoma summer.

This year will be different. On Saturday, we visited Norman’s first farmer’s market of the year, and I gleefully picked out five varieties of herbs. I have high hopes for this year’s round of herbs, which I affectionately refer to as my babies. Like all mothers, I dream of long, healthy, happy lives for my herb children; unlike normal mothers, my dreams involve eating my babies.

For the baby rosemary pictured above, I envision roasted potatoes and fragrant, herb-encrusted bread.

Please, allow me to introduce you to my other herb babies below.

Basil: This delicate little guy has already been beat up by vicious winds, but I am shielding him from the elements at night. I see pesto, tomato sauce and pizza in his future.

Spearmint: Mojitos, caipirinhas and mint juleps. We’re going to have a grand time together this summer on the patio, aren’t we, Spearmint?

Dill: Pasta and bean salads inspired by my favorite lunch spot in Oklahoma City, the Mediterranean Deli. I’ll make dill pickles if I feel particularly industrious.

Another variety of mint, for good measure. Next weekend, I hope to add lavender, oregano and cilantro to our little family.

Have you had any success growing herbs in containers? Please share your tips; I really want my herbs to grow up healthy and strong!

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