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Layered salad with vegetables and mayonnaise

Layered salad with vegetables and mayonnaise

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Salad in layers with vegetables and mayonnaise:

Boil the carrots together with the potatoes. Boil the beets separately.

Put the cooked vegetables on the large grater and chop the pickled cucumbers.

Arrange the layers on a plate separated from the mayonnaise and sprinkle salt after each layer.

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I use mayonnaise bought in salads, because it seems less nauseating.

From the garden,

It's a super salad that must be on the menu of winter jars,
in fact, in the future I think I will do more with the one with salt.


It is very good! I ate this salad at my sister-in-law's.

It's great, you ate the classic version, but to see how tasty it is with more vegetables and horseradish, to tell my sister-in-law about my version and maybe in the fall from the goodies in your garden you also plant a few jars, it's a long time, as then.
Thanks for visiting!

I think it was the classic version. I will definitely make a portion in the fall. I will also give him the improved version.

This year I will do it too because it looks too good: :)

Brandusa, you have to make it especially the one with everything in it and a lot of grated horseradish, you will surely like it, it is so good and when it is finished you will say like me:
Next year I have to triple the amount.
All the best!

A wonderful idea, I still have from the garden and now from almost all the vegetables and I really wasn't determined what to do. I'll come back to tell you what came out, although I don't think I'll fail.

You will definitely like it, if you also have horseradish, put it on, it will come out even better.
All the best!

I'm looking for a lost recipe that looks like this. I used to do it before and it was great, then I resumed it after about 10 years and it didn't work out, in the sense that it broke down.
It was with peppers, onions, carrots, gooseberries - fidelita, scalded only with a solution of vinegar (here I do not know how much) and then they had to drain perfectly well, not to have juice at all. I remember putting the well-drained vegetables on large kitchen towels so that they would dry well until the next day. Then they were mixed with the mayonnaise sauce, from oil and mustard. The idea is that the vegetables became perfectly fine and without water, they gave the impression that you are eating vegetables with mayonnaise. Maybe you or someone knows about this recipe. I suspect that, being so well drained, the vegetables should be scalded in more concentrated vinegar, so that something remains in them. I was spoiled, as I did twice in various combinations of vinegar and water.

Hi, I think that before draining them you have to leave them in the marinade, I noticed in time, if I leave them in the marinade for more than 24 hours, they come out better and do not ferment.
I like it juicier.
All the best!

Xandrinne and her culinary deeds

Something I really liked. A very tasty and good looking salad :)

1.5 (1 piece and a half) chicken breast,
2 beets,
2 eggs,
250 g cheese,
salt pepper,
mayonnaise, to taste. I used Univer mayonnaise.

Boil the chicken breast in salted water (you can boil it with some vegetables and choose yourself with a soup)) the boiled meat is cut into pieces. The beets are baked, peeled, put on a large grater. Boil eggs and grate them. Grate the cheese on a small grater.
If you want, prepare a mayonnaise from a raw yolk and a boiled one. I used the one from Univer, I received it, I can say that I was satisfied with this option.
Sprinkle salt, pepper, to taste, over meat, eggs.

Place the salad in layers, in a yena bowl, as follows: beets, mayonnaise, chicken, mayonnaise, eggs, mayonnaise, cheese, mayonnaise. and again, beets, mayonnaise. Until the ingredients are finished (top with mayonnaise).

Decorate according to preference, keep a little cool. I gave him a word of grated cheese.

A comment:

This salad is great and full of vitamins.
Is there anything left to taste for others?
Te tzuc

Layered salad with chicken breast, eggs and vegetables!

We come to enrich your recipe with a festive salad. With delicate taste and colorful appearance, it can beautify any holiday meal! The ingredients are the simplest, but the bouquet of tastes is exceptional!


-100 gr of homemade mayonnaise

-1 teaspoon of granulated garlic


1.Cut the onion into small cubes, pour hot water and leave it for a while, to remove the bitter taste and become soft.

2.Cut the chicken breast into small pieces, and the bell pepper and tomatoes - cubes as small as possible. Place the tomatoes in a sieve and let them drain the juice.

3. Pass the eggs through a large grater and transfer the mayonnaise to a bowl.

4. Season the chicken breast with granulated garlic and mix. Do not add salt if you have boiled it in salted water.

5.Place the pastry ring (18 cm) on the serving platter.

6.Add the chicken breast and press lightly with a spatula so that the layer is dense.

7. Cover with mayonnaise and add the drained onion.

8. Next is the layer of tomatoes, which makes the meat more juicy, seasoned with a little salt and covered with mayonnaise.

9. Add the eggs, level, then add salt and mayonnaise.

10. The next layer is bell pepper and mayonnaise, and finally the grated cheese.

11. Refrigerate the salad for 3-4 hours. Then remove the ring and serve.

A salad with intense taste and festive look. And most importantly it is very tasty. The vegetables make it light and fresh.

Salads | Layered chicken and walnut salad

Method of preparation:
We boil everything individually, the chicken breast, the carrot, the potatoes and the eggs. When they are ready, peel the vegetables and eggs. On a plate we put 2 carrots through rodents and we spread on the whole plate the same way we give through rodents half of cheese, half of eggs and half of potatoes. And now we grease well with mayonnaise and on top we place the chicken breast cut into very small cubes and then the mushrooms also cut into small boiled cubes and on top of the mushrooms the walnuts but not to be crushed very hard we better crush them with the hand.
Then again we make layers: remaining potatoes, remaining eggs a layer of mayonnaise, cheese and carrot. Put the cold salad (refrigerator) overnight to soak. When the chicken is boiling, add salt, pepper and a bay leaf.

Keywords: Chicken and walnut salad in layers mayonnaise salad carrots potatoes chicken breast chicken door boiled walnuts cheese

Rina's 90 recipes, Recipes from all over the world

A wonderful salad for starchy days. I really liked .

- 6 potatoes
- 3 carrots
- half a celery
- a box of peas
- 6 pickles
- 3 gogosari
- salt pepper,
- mustard I used 2 (for mayonnaise)
- green parsley
- oil
- juice from half a lemon

The vegetables are washed, cleaned and boiled whole as for chicken soup, when they are cooked, throw water on them and let them cool. after it has cooled, cut it into small cubes or as it will suit everyone. cucumbers and donuts as well.
Put everything in a large pot. add peas, pepper, salt and mix.

For mayonnaise: - keep half a potato to which we add lemon juice and mustard mix well

(it would be preferable to use the mixer) and we start to add oil little by little as in a regular mayonnaise.

when we obtained the mayonnaise, we add it over the vegetables and mix well but lightly so as not to crush the vegetables. garnish with green parsley leaves.

The recipe is taken from the oneden forum. recipe posted by Happy

Recipe edited on the forum by Happy

Vegetable salad with smoked salmon

Vegetable salad with smoked salmon
It is said that on New Year's Eve it is good to have on the table dishes that contain swollen vegetables (lentils, beans, peas). In some cultures it is said that they bring good luck. We must also not miss the fish if we want to move forward successfully in the coming year.
This year I decided not to make the traditional beef salad and I prepared this vegetable leftover with smoked salmon.
A delicious salad came out, full and easy to prepare. I used the lentils from preserves Sun Food which gives it a special flavor, and in combination with salmon and other vegetables it turned out to be a great salad !!
I recommend you try it if you want to have on the table a dish that contains fish !!
More recipes prepared with healthy canned Sun Food can be found here

Vegetable salad with smoked salmon-Ingredients

a box of lentils-Sun Food
4 carrots
4 potatoes
100 g peas (canned or frozen)
140 g crushed smoked salmon

3 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
a tablespoon of mustard
3 tablespoons lemon juice
smoked salmon fillets
green parsley

Vegetable salad with smoked salmon-Preparation

Peeled potatoes and carrots are boiled in salted water. Separately boil the peas in salted water (if you use frozen peas). Drain the lentils, rinse in cold running water and allow to drain well.
After the potatoes and carrots have boiled, leave to cool and cut into small cubes. Add the lentils, peas, chopped salmon and mix.

Separately make a mayonnaise sauce consisting of mayonnaise, yogurt, mustard and lemon juice.
Mix the composition with the mayonnaise sauce (from which I stopped a spoon for decoration), mix and season with pepper and salt if needed.
Place on a plate and garnish with mayonnaise sauce, salmon fillets and green parsley.

Fingerprints on the soul

We're taking a vessel. The first layer we will put on the plate will be mackerel. For this we need a mackerel, which we chose from the bones and cut into small cubes. The second layer of boiled potatoes follows. We put the potatoes in a plate on top of the mackerel, passing them through the rodent. We put mayonnaise on top of the potatoes and with the help of a knife we ​​spread the mayonnaise on the whole surface so as to cover the 2 layers of salad. The third layer consists of grated carrot. You can also try Korean carrot if you love spicy salads. We also cover this layer with a lot of mayonnaise. The fourth layer consists of beetroot given by rodents. We don't forget to put mayonnaise on top of it.

At the end, grate a yolk over the whole plate or if you prefer you can also try the egg white-yolk combination. You can decorate everything with a little greenery. Good appetite!

In Russia, the kind of salad is called Shuba, in translation & # 8211 fur.