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Pancakes with walnuts and sugar

Pancakes with walnuts and sugar

Rub whole eggs with sugar until melted.

Then add salt, rum essence and 2 tablespoons oil.

We put flour, we homogenize the composition well, then we add mineral water, until we reach the desired consistency.

Heat the pan (without oil, because I put oil in the pancake batter), use a polish to pour the composition and twist the pan until it spreads over the entire surface.

Bake them on both sides until golden.

ready filling:

Put the walnuts in a mincer or grind them with a spatula, then mix them with sugar, vanilla sugar and cinnamon.

We fill the pancakes, and on top we put the icing we made by mixing all the ingredients in a kettle, we put it on the fire until it boils a few times and the sugar melts.

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